Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

May 31, 2018


  • Speaker: Dan Dunn, Director of the Museum of the San Ramon Valley
  • Elias


  • John - Passing around a packet of thank-you letters from grant recipients
  • Patti - June 2nd, Kiwanis Governors visit in Napa. Joni Ackerman. Training in the morning, dinner in the evening. Service leadership program, learn how to interact with the youth! Let Patti know if you want to attend.
  • Stuart - Parade update. Let Stuart know if there are specific jobs you want to take on the day of the parade. Pre-parade meeting for entrants 6/27. Volunteers signed up are Nick, Dick L., and Fred @ noon, Rob N., Kent, and Rob G. @ 6pm.
  • Nancy - July 28th Bocce Ball tournament, Round Hill, 6pm. Invitation to come from Ilene soon.
  • Nick V. - if you’re on Facebook, be sure to participate in the SRV Kiwanis Club page! Help spread the word. 
  • Nancy - Fundraiser on July 14th, School House. Renee Morgan asked us to donate a Kiwanis gift basket. 



  • Kent - Happy & sad about Warriors winning. Happy about wedding in Napa on Saturday, family friend - daughter & son were in pre-k together. Expecting warm weather!
  • Kevin - REALLY happy! Weekend in Coronado, visited son Brandon. Had a great time.  
  • Patti - Happy about helping at granddaughter’s preschool, but realized it’s not her calling. Sweet dollar for thoughtful husband on his grocery run!
  • John - happy about trip to Italy. It was historic! Threw out democracy, became a dictatorship while he was there. Another $10, happy to be back but can’t remember what the $10 was actually for.
  • Chris - happy about trip back east, picked up new dog. Saw some band (Pablo Cruz) on Sunday. Sad, got a cold during trip in Washington. Invited to a benefit, the Library of Congress. Was too sick to go.
  • Kent - Tomorrow is San Ramon High School’s grad night. Go check out the decorations!
  • Stuart - Went to a nice winery, backroads of Sonoma. Involved lots of wine & cheese! Had a lovely day, was a nice, pleasant surprise.
  • Nick G. - Happy (or sad) that granddaughter is a Warriors fan. Doing some work on his house (I missed what, exactly!) He can’t remember his third thing.
  • Gary - has been playing golf. Sad about the Warriors. Can’t stand watching them play. Mad that so much talent is wasted. 
  • Rob N. - Last weekend, went to cabin in Yosemite, shot guns in the forest in a nice, safe manner. Rainbow pools, jumping off 30’ cliffs into the water. Booked a B&B in Santa Rosa in September, wife’s birthday coming up but Rob doesn’t know how old she’ll be!
  • Nancy - happy that her niece is graduating on Friday. Leaves for ASU in two months. Family is going to Puerto Vallarta on Sunday. 
  • Smokey - embarrassed to pay with fake money. Granddaughter in New York, singing at Carnegie Hall this weekend.
  • Nick G. - wife broke back a few weeks ago, supposed to babysit today but can’t lift the child! The other grandma will help - we’ll see how the two old ladies hold up.
  • Nick V. - Funny dollar, came across old “What’s next for the future of sitcoms” picture of Cosby & Roseanne on Facebook. Son being promoted today during ball game. Which to watch? Good luck dollar to the Warriors. 
Tory Taylor