Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

April 26, 2018

- John Coleman, Director of EBMUD
- Reyna, Community Affairs Department at EBMUD
- Elias

- Ilene: This Saturday’s Chili Cookoff cancelled. Reminder on Bocce Ball tournament in July at Roundhill. Date TBA.
- Smokey: Back is hurting, ouch! (I wonder why?) ...spent all morning loading books at the Danville Library. Sale begins tomorrow; thousands of books, come check it out! Or come help.
- Dave C.: While he’s excited about today’s speaker, he’s also excited that he will be speaking at lunch next week, topic is ancestry. Special bonus, will be exploring Stuart Steele’s family tree. Goes back a lot farther than Stuart knows!
- Stuart: Parade planning going well. BBQ weekend beforehand at Stuart’s house.
- Ron: Has 16-17 bands lined up, 1-2 contingent for the parade. Looking good - wide variety of music!    

- Rob N.: Sad he’s been missing meetings last few weeks. Happy about being here this week.
- Dave S.: Happy that there are still some good people left in the world. Friend passed away 6 years ago, memorial, used money to buy a van for Dorothy Day. Van was stolen, just found in Sonoma. A 23-year-old mom though it looked out of place, found Dave’s number on the Dorothy Day website, called & reported - police showed up at the Walmart parking lot (even the police chief was here!) arrested two man & woman on their way up to Tahoe. Van returned & charges filed against one person.
- Dick: Happy about visiting son...

...Elias started going really wild here, throwing about half the contents of my lunch plate on the ground so I, the self-elected notetaker, had to step out for a bit!! On the way out, I heard Smokey or Rob G. giving a happy dollar (they’re wearing basically the same thing today so I can’t remember who!) -- something about having a water problem and coincidentally writing our guest speaker a letter a few years ago, problem was solved immediately. Thanks to John Coleman!

- Gary was fine free last week, fined Paul $2 for not looking at him.
- Mystery host: Dick, would have fined Ilene but she left. Fined Rob G. $1
- Fine-free next week: Nick V.
- $30 to Paul

Tory Taylor