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April 19, 2018



Ben Burres from Chabot Space & Science Center, Topic: Water on Mars


John L. - Bay Area Crisis Nursery is having a celebration for National Tour Week, offering tours of their facility. Passing sign up sheet around. Also, short on Kiwanians for grants breakfast… make sure you show up!

Patti - Two Kiwanis conventions coming up. End of June, Las Vegas. August, Hawaii - district convention.

Nancy - Chili cookoff at Ilene’s house. Also Lend a Hand Day in Danville coming up, helping seniors with yardwork. Let Nancy know if you can help!


Nancy - $5. Happy to be back. Wasn’t here last week, in London and Paris. Got hailed on in Versailles. Rugby game with rabid Rugby fans. Happy that niece has made a college decision out of state, mechanical engineering, also on the waitlist at Brown.

John L. - will not be here this week, leaving tomorrow very precisely at 5:49am. Going to Yellowstone. (?) Watch elk & moose trample something, John will be in a tree.

Gary - in Austin last week visiting nephew. Nice area. We’re a little shabby compared to them. Gary was scared of 6th street and can’t stay up past 9pm. Ate a lot of Tex Mex food, visited museums & cool sites.

Patti - Says she’s taking the high road after some heckling from Gary. Apology dollar, missed parade meeting last night. Sad dollar, preparing for a big event tomorrow, is very stressed. Nice third dollar, but forgot what it’s for because of pressure from Gary.

Richard - Wandering granddaugher in Europe, got dumped by tour company, good luck! Mom bailed her out.

Kent - son going to South Korea with his girlfriend will be there for a week. Girlfriend’s parents may not know. Sad dollar, friend’s wife passed away. First very close friend who has passed away. She was 56. :(

Paul - Two happy dollars. Sharks playoff run, some of their greatest games.

Stuart - Happy about parade meeting, thanks to everyone for being there. Keep an eye out for some great surprise assignments!! Also happy about cool museums in Texas.

Nick G. - son & girlfriend arriving soon, going to Disneyland, Yosemite, rodeo somewhere in the valley. Girlfriend is very excited about it. Found a missing link in family history, great-grandmother’s family tree. Fifteen kids, all musicians. Didn’t make sense before but now thinks mother’s mother was the last great harpist. (Lots of heckling going on about how to pronounce harpist.)

Liz - happy about twins, birthday party a month late at Sulphur Creek. You should go if you haven’t been there! Eliana has started hockey classes, pretty excited about it. Liz is happy about that but less so the drive. Also, happy about field trip with Naili and her class today, San Ramon City Hall. Saturday morning, daschund egg hunt at memorial park. Another happy dollar. Rob Nuddleman referred a family for exchange student, $200 to Kiwanis.


Dave Stegman was mystery host. Everyone shook his hand, surprisingly.

Paul fined Gary for being rude, as usual they say.

Fine-free next week: John L. Gave his ticket to Gary.

$30: Stuart

Tory Taylor