Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

March 8, 2018

Elias was a little more active than usual today so these are probably only around 70-80% accurate ;)


SRV Kiwanis Luncheon - 3/8/2018


Nancy - reminder on social event this coming Monday, 3/12 at Forbes Grill, and a couple others coming up. Let Nancy know if you plan on attending!

Stuart - scheduled parade meeting to discuss pre-parade assignments on Wednesday 4/18, 6pm, tentatively at Rob’s office (18 Crow Canyon Ct, San Ramon). Everyone is encouraged to attend! Will send an email reminder.

Dale - Chamber of Commerce having a business mixer tonight - 5:30pm at Pacific Union International Realty.

Paul - read text from Renee Morgan, sorry for missing meeting last week! Can we reschedule? Dale says give her a free one, good to have friends in high places.


Gary - wasn’t here last week, in O’ahu w/ wife instead. Had lots of fun. Went to every square inch of the island, literally. It was really windy. On Tuesday, saw some guy from the U.K. Wants him to be the president because he’s young and rational. Also happy that last night, saw San Ramon girls play & they won.

Dave - still taking his mindfulness class, 2.5 hours every Wednesday night. Retreat last Saturday. 6am-noon. Had to be silent entire time - really, not a word - and 40 minute meal! Was challenging, some people dropped off, Dave thought it was great. Banana, apple, bunch of raisins and a cooking timer. Dave says it sounds insane… (Because it is, Dave.)

John - sad dollar for the Cal Bears. Very sad. Sad dollar for the St. Mary’s team, they stank. Happy two dollars. Would have been mother’s 104th birthday. She hated cake.

Rob N. - happy about daughter’s cheer team. Sad dollar, son was playing flag football, injured knee, out for a few weeks. Happy about trip with the other son to Bear Valley.

Liz - went to Tahoe last week, chains on minivan were a pain in the neck. Wants an SUV! Got stuck in the snow the next day. Kids had a great time. Happy about family that had new baby at UCSF, nervous about the risk about survival. Sad about another family who lost a little one a few weeks ago, helping with funeral costs.

Stuart - happy about trip with Stacy to Reno, spa time! Will be back on Sunday for an open house.

Patti - happy about brunch (missed who it was with, but it lasted four hours apparently.) Has a new retirement plan! Rocky is selling a lot of real estate so Patti thinks she can retire now. Wants to move in with son and take care of grandkids without his knowledge. (I wonder what her daughter-in-law will think about that plan!)


Sarah Voit (FESCO, The Family Shelter)


Fred was fine-free, but didn’t want to fine anyone… yet.

Dave is fine-free next week

Gary won $30

Tory Taylor