Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

March 29, 2018


Pearl Yon, Communications Specialist w/ BBB



  • Dick - Pick up a brochure to sponsor the club!

  • Nick - Reminder, parade meeting on April 18th. Stuart’s Office.


  • Ilene - lots of family coming for Easter. Happy about it! A couple weeks ago, was in Amsterdam on business. Snowing, wasn’t the best time to be there. Don’t go in March! (David says she should have consulted with a travel agent.)

  • Dave - Got back from his trip to Indianapolis. Snowed a lot, then rainstorms & thunderstorms. But got some sun here in there! Another happy dollar for granddaughter, doing really well at work.

  • Gary - Dinner w/ friends on Monday & Tuesdays. Danville Brewery & Pete’s. Was at an event last night at the Diablo Country Club, Ron ignored him. (Ron says no, Gary ignored him. ) Some guy from Google talked about his religious journey. Gary was confused by it, thought he would talk about Google. Final happy dollar, someone gave him a fancy bottle of Merlot for a referral. 2013 Duckhorn. Worth $319!! He’s intimidated by it. And not sharing!

  • John - Donated a bunch after winning lots of money at Harrah’s. (?) Going to 50th college reunion soon. (Gary is surprised John went to college.)

  • Ron - Taking 20+ friends to a walk in the park in Orinda. Not going through the tunnel, over the hill! (Sounds like a long walk. Chris makes some snide comment about it.)

  • Dick - Happy about the weather. Happy about what a difference a few years makes, something about fish. Yesterday at Richmond High School helping students decide what they want to do with their lives. Saw a bunch of cops, was worried at first -- but kids were visiting with them to learn about becoming a police officer. Three wanted to be lawyers - Dick met with a girl from Nigeria. Parents not supportive of her working outside of the home, but Dic is happy she’s pursuing her dream!

  • Nick G. - Went to dentist yesterday, lots of travel coming up, not by choice. (Chris says it’s because he’s British & part of his genes.) Happy about son John, article being published in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow.

  • Kent - Played hookie on Tuesday, wife and he went to SF, had a nice dinner & showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Some guy came out and answered questions. Before the show, daughter texted & said she’s in SF and at the tattoo place. Luckily daughter wasn’t getting a tattoo.

  • Nick V. - Sad about twisting his ankle in the office, walking to the copy machine. No workmans comp for him! Happy about opening day, takes him away from cruddy stuff in life. (Chris makes another snide comment in the background.)


  • Mystery host: David Colello, everyone shook his hand

  • Fine-free was John, fined Dave $3 for being a bad mystery host

  • Fine-free next week: Fred

  • $30 to Chris. Dave calls collusion!

Tory Taylor