Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

March 22, 2018


Cheryl - Humane Society, might join the club!
Speaker - Kathi Heimann Interim Director, City of San Ramon Parks & Community Services


John - Grants have been allocated. Thanks to the grants committee for all of your work!
Dick - Anyone want to sponsor the club? Thanks to Patti Barsotti for hustling for sponsors on Hartz Ave. this morning in the pouring rain.
Stuart - Change 4/18 parade meeting location to Stuart’s office (Alain Pinel - 601 Sycamore Valley Rd. W., Danville, near the Livery), 6pm
Paul - Aktion Club recently met, made cards for the fire department. Will go there soon and present cards with cupcakes. (Yum!)
John - One of our grant recipients awarded Nonprofit of the Year, Down’s Syndrome Connection. Congrats!


Richard - granddaughter has left South Africa, on her way to Ghana. (Some cheesy jokes were made about that one.) Happy to hear from her!
Dave - happy he’s on his way to Indiana, going to a farm in the country. Elevation 3 feet. Totally flat. Also, has a birthday on Saturday. Paid $1 for us to sing Happy Birthday terribly. 
Patti - disappointed about half a hamburger. Happy that she had granddaughter Harper for the weekend. Was exhausted. Another $1 for Dick, who is hard-working, consistent. Everyone needs to contribute or talk to someone who would like to!
Kent - happy about his daughter, returning from Hawaii and will hang out for the weekend. Another $1 for Warriors Game this weekend with mom and brother. Curry will be back. 
Ron - happy $5, played hookie on Monday and went skiing. Tons of snow, it was perfect. Happy Monday.
Nick G. - Nick, wife, and friends helped another friend move to a small apartment in San Ramon. Happy for her, but she has lots of furniture and books. Hopefully she settles for some years to come.
Doug - happy about going to the Concord Kiwanis Club corned beef & cabbage dinner, sat with Patti & Rocky. Sad $1, after Brian being sick with the flu, Doug got it, now Cindy. (Stay away from the Gin’s!) Mixed dollar - missing next week’s meeting, heading east to check out some schools, see a couple of Broadway shows. 
John - sad about ear infection, can’t hear anything for two weeks while hearing aids are out. Heckled Gary about something I didn’t follow. Happy about Smokey snarling at him at grants meeting. Leaving for Tahoe at 4:30pm this afternoon, might not come back.
Liz - happy about Cheryl visiting. Happy to see daughters at father/daughter dance. Was a lady bug on the wall. Fun, but daughters eventually ditch the dads.
Gary - last week, daughter and son visited. First time whole family together for about 1.5 yeras. Went to Monterey, on a hike, aquarium. Lots of fun revisiting the good old days.
Stuart - happy that the club was able to issue larger grants to organizations who applied for grants.
Nancy - last Thursday was two year work anniversary, surprised she’s still getting paychecks. Everyone at household in Sacramento so Nancy has the house to herself. Not sure if she’s happy or sad about it. 
Nick V. - sad because he’s having a day where everything is going wrong, but happy dollar for tomorrow, which he knows will be better.
Paul - happy that Fred is coming to Aktion Club meetings. Everyone is welcome to join, second Wednesday night of the month every month.


Mystery host: Ron shook everybody’s hand before he became the mystery host
Fine-free last week: Patti fined $1 Gary, $1 Dave
John Lineweaver fine-free next week
$35 to Fred

Tory Taylor