Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

February 22, 2018


Eric Ardell & Michelle Lee, American Legion Post 246.


Meet at 5:15pm Saturday, Melo’s pizza. Bowling at 6:30pm. Please email Ilene if you plan on attending and haven’t let her know yet.

Next happy hour social at Faz restaurant, Monday March 12, 5:30pm.

Dick - sign up to be a parade sponsor if you haven’t already! Thanks to those who have already donated.


Smokey - happy about the Olympics, women’s team is doing great.

Patti - spent morning at Moraga Kiwanis Club. Missed the rest because Elias started throwing food.

John - Sad about shooting in Florida, government’s inability to handle

Dick - Sad about the shooting. “What in the world do we have weapons of war in our civilian society.” Also, granddaughter in Myonmar. Universal joke. “Why did the scarecrow win a Nobel Prize? The answer is because he was outstanding in his field.” John is offended by this.

Gary - son David’s birthday. Teams won & qualified for something good.

Liz - Expecting a girl in the family in August. Huh? Her name is Danielle, she is 15 and from Spain. (Liz is not pregnant.) Went to Pacific Grove, friend’s birthday. She goes there a lot but didn’t know it. Friend in Santa Cruz watched her dogs. One is obnoxious. (The dog, not the friend.)

Harry - happy about her wife’s birthday, she’s four years younger than he is.

Chris - Mixed. Loves hunting, but sad about what happened in Florida. No need to have an AR-15 in anyone’s hunting arsenal. Terrible weapon for hunting or self-defense. Sad dollar, came home at 2am, let dog in. Was in distress, had to put him down later that day. :(

Kent - water heater went out, but happy that he got it fixed the same day.

Stuart - Sad about Billy Graham’s death. Wife didn’t originally qualify for bonus by less than 1% under target, but later found out that she did. $10,000. Stuart is buying us all drinks! Dick reminded him about parade sponsorship form.

Piet - Glad he’s not a teacher. Back to biking, going to Hawaii with his brother for 2.5 weeks.

Doug - Sad that three high school students at Florida shooting were Key Clubbers. Happy that Sean is peforming at show in Danville this weekend & next weekend.

Nick - Sad about shooting. Happy the smaller earthquakes lately weren’t bigger!

John - Youngest is 31 years old. Saw the movie the Black Panther and couldn’t follow it whatsoever.

Dick - In three weeks, youngest son will be married. Dick is happy about it.


Dick Lamb was the mystery host. Everyone shook his hand, no one got fined.

Patti was fine-free, fined Liz for talking and Kent for asking a question after Nick had wrapped up the guest speaker’s presentation. Kent says he won’t forget it.

Tory Taylor