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November 2, 2017

Kimmy Avery, apparently from a Tribe of Speakers. Says she knows lots of people. And knows about relationships. If you want, you can sign up for a “complimentary conversation.” She’s a spiritual relationship & navigation specialist. (But who are Mary and George?)



- Please pay Kiwanis dues if you are running late! (We’re broke.)

- Holiday Dinner, December 15th. (Was careful not to call it a Christmas Party.) Evite coming out soon. Usual thing - potluck at John’s house, bring an unwrapped gift for Crisis Nursery, preferably ages 7 and below.


- Food Drive: November 18th, Safeway. 9am-3pm. Sign up sheet went out, not many responses yet. Please sign up! Forward links to NCL, Key Clubs, etc.

- Request for help! White Pony Express. Need help w/ picking up food at the Alamo Farmer’s Market. About an hour on Sunday, a couple of Sundays this month - take bins of food to Pleasant Hill. Will send an email with dates.


- December social: Elliot’s bar, 5:30pm. December 4th. Doesn’t have dinner. Cash-only bar.


- Sent out new speaker list, 2018. Please let him know if your assigned day doesn’t work ASAP.


- If you’re planning on doing holiday shopping online, make sure you’re signed into Amazon Smile for the club when you do it. Details on our website,


- Just a reminder that it’s hard to find a speaker. They book up early… start now!


- Smokey: Congratulations, as a former Texans. (I think this means he’s happy about some sport but not sure about what!)

- Dave: Made a bet w/ Rob. Dodgers against “the field” (all sports teams maybe?), made a bet w/ Rob. Now Rob owes Dave a Panera sandwich. Everyone in the room hassled him for not making a better bet. Also, Dave is warning us that his granddaughter Kylie is learning to drive. Giving us all a fair warning. Kylie drives a black CRV, can provide license plate upon request.

- Paul: Happy that he went to Yountville a couple weekends ago. Attended Yountville Kids Festival, put on by the Kiwanis. Did a really good job. Vibrant group - thinks it’s all the grapes they eat. While he was there, grandson became interested in the piano. Finally, 8 week old granddaughter just had an appointment, 24” long, 12.2 lbs., 94th percentile!

- Dick: In wine country over the weekend w/ family. Frank Family Winery. Not many people there - this is the time to go!

- Patti: Thanks to Kimmy, rescheduled plans to make speaking at today’s meeting work. Happy about that. Happy about Rocky at Governor-elect training, in Indianapolis. Governor of Philippines name is Toto. Had fun on Halloween, different experience with the grandkids. More sporadic - fun to see them learning as they went from house to house.

- Kent: Happy $2, saw son for 24th birthday over the weekend. Saturday hike, 5-6 miles. (Thinks that’s “just walking around.”) Cuban, Carribean restaurant, a lot more than what he used to eat, which was only 5 things that start with the letter P. This weekend, going to Cache Creek to see a concert. Drinks wine and eats pizza on Halloween. 160 trick-or-treaters. All were very polite & adorable, darling, half of the parents were dressed up. (Parents dressing up seems less adorable.)

- John: Went to Tahoe for Halloween, Bill didn’t give him any tricks, only treats. (Huh?)

- Ron: Has been playing hookie from Kiwanis, claiming it’s because of the good weather. Went with 20 friends on the train from Martinez to Sacramento. Visited railroad museum, Crocker museum. Marvelous. Last weekend, Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Closed, but trespassed anyway. Found out the boardwalk makes a lot of money.

- Piet: Moved daughter from Marina Del Ray to Playa Del Ray. Bought a huge house. Seems happy about it. Son works for Amazon, patent was approved. Got $500 from Amazon for it. Good to be here, “tomorrow can be a different day!”

- Doug: Happy that Dodgers lost. Sunday was son’s ring ceremony, junior class at De La Salle. Sad to realize that his son is really growing up. Went to College Fair in South San Francisco. Will be applying for college soon - hard to believe!

- Nick: Happy about teaching kids about life through sports. (Described some sports story I didn’t follow.)


- Mystery host was Kent. Everyone shook his hand.

- Doug fined Piet for talking during announcements. Was going to fine Stuart, but he left early. Dave says we should book him. Fined Kent, just because he never gets fined.

- Fine free next week: Ron

- $35 to Kent

Tory Taylor