Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

November 16, 2017


  • Smokey - introduced our guest speaker, Debby Kelly, Mechanics Bank in Walnut Creek
  • Piet - Reminder that Saturday is the food drive. Try to wear your Kiwanis shirt. 9am-3pm. 
  • John - after-party at John’s house is canceled due to low attendance.
  • Nancy - December 4th social at Elliot’s. Emails already went out. RSVP to attend.
  • Patti - December 21st - kids Holiday party at Mountain Mike’s. Let Patti know if you can attend!


  • Smokey - paying with phony paper money. Happy about guest speaker Debby coming today after long 2 hour, 15 minute commute from Santa Rosa. Also happy about rain and snow. Thinks it’s wonderful. (Brrrr.)
  • Nick - A very serious sad dollar. The sandwiches are not up to scratch. (Some think the bread is good.) Sister has arrived, one from Canada, one from Ireland. Nick is exhausted but still gave a happy dollar. Went to Bodega Bay, had fun potting around the potteries. (Hmm.) Happy about that. Bad cough last week, couldn’t make it. Gave another dollar just for fun. 
  • Ilene - sad that she was sick and had to miss Gianni’s. Went there last week for fundraiser, it was crazy, relieved she didn’t sign up to be a server - seems like a hard job. Last dollar for having to leave early, figuring she would have been fined for missing the mystery host anyway. 
  • Kevin - Happy anticipatory dollar. Going to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with son. 
  • Patti - Quasi sad/happy. Getting lawn re-done. Keeps taking grandkids out to dinner, they exclusively want to go to IHOP. (At that point, Patti realizes it’s going to be a long story, gave another dollar.) Granddaughter found someone else’s gum under the table, grabbed it and pulled it out with her bare hands. (Someone else chimes in - at least she didn’t pop it in her mouth!) One last happy/sad dollar. Going to miss some of the events coming up, heading to Hawaii. (Kauai?) Sorry!
  • Liz - Happy about getting her teeth cleaned by Dr. Henry, who is thinking about coming back to join the club when Liz is president.
  • Nick G. - kidnapped grandchild the other day, declared they’re going out down the high street in the push chair. (Huh?) Something about asthma. They went to a lovely, mom ‘n pop ice cream parlor, he shared a tiny scoop with his grandaughter. She was buzzing!
  • Rob G. - Happy 20. Spent a week and a half in Arizona for a “division championship, 7 and 1.” (I think he means baseball?) Says he’s quitting this year, concentrating on golf going forward. (Nobody in the room believes him - they say they’ve heard it before.) For some reason, he’s sad about the Dodgers losing. 
  • Rob N - happy about son’s football season, beat Granada High. Best year they’ve had in awhile. Same evening, daughter dislocated her elbow during cheerleading. He spent many hours in the ER - she might be out for the season. 
  • John - made a bad joke about a one-armed cheerleader. Five happy dollars. Started a big lease project in March, found out he got it yesterday… only took 8 months. Department of Corrections. They want locked & fenced parking, bullet-proof reception area, yet no public will be coming so he’s not sure why they need all that stuff. A waste of taxpayer money! Today is the Great American Smokeout. John quit when he was 9 years old, when his dad told him that “if you don’t smoke until you’re 21, I’ll give you $500.” It worked. (Was he really smoking when he was 9 years old? Is that how things were back then??)
  • Gary - 3 happy dollars. Girls undefeated. Sunday is his 64th birthday, going to dinner with two of his oldest friends - one from college, one from high school. Will try to remember things that have happened in the past. Happy about another friend coming into town.
  • Piet - went to see Tony Bennett in Vegas last week. Stayed at Encore, sat at a bar that oversees tables. Watched happy people come in, within 20-30 minutes they leave. Tuesday went to see Aladdin - highly recommended. Tonight, seeing the “Liar” in Walnut Creek. Also, just happy to be here.
  • Dick - Adam will be here for Thanksgiving. Next week, going to the Opera. Youngest son Jonathan ok’d to move forward with a big work-related project (in Southern California, by some guy affiliated with the City of San Ramon? Didn’t catch the rest.)
  • Paul - Mixed dollar - daughter coming for Thanksgiving, hasn’t seen her for a year. Turning 70 soon! 
  • Ron - tonight, he graduates from boot camp. 8 weeks of strenuous exercise every Saturday morning, competing with 40 others. Only 7 will graduate. Ron is the only guy! 90% are 20 years younger than him. “If I can do it, so can you, and you can be younger next year too.” (Pretty sure that’s fake news - it’s impossible to actually go down in age...)
  • Rob again - next week is 39th wedding anniversary. Says it’s worth more than a dollar but still only gave a dollar. 
  • Harry - Five happy dollars, having 19 over for Thanksgiving. Grandchildren, brother-in-law, lots of family. Wife is ultra prepared and even already has the table set up. 
  • Nick V. - sad dollar, eighth grader got dumped. (There was lots of confusion about what he meant by dumped.) Sixth-grader played St. Isidore’s, kid from another team told him they were going to lose, they actually won. Rubbed it into the other kid... “it was 30-to-12, you probably lost.”
  • Ron’s Reminder - password to the website is Community. (, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, click the Login link, enter the password, and click the arrow to log in.) If you’re not getting emails, check there for the info you’re looking for, for example, a link to the Food Drive signup spreadsheet.
Tory Taylor