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October 26, 2017

Nick would like to speak uninterrupted

Speaker - Dan Madden. Beer guy. Also an airline pilot and enrolled agent, taxes (Madden Tax, San Ramon).


  • Kim - Monday 11/6, Gianni’s Fundraiser. Invite people, make reservations. Will email 7 volunteer servers with time, other details. Hope to see everybody there!

  • Nick - White Pony Express 10/29. Last one. Need volunteers? Will double check w/ Liz.

  • Food Drive - link sent out this morning, by Nancy. If you didn’t get it, let Nick know.


  • Smokey - embarrassed to pay w/ paper money. Happy because last week, IRS, 18 months of fighting with them. Danville Grange becamse 501(c)3.

  • Rob - Happy that his boys had an excellent game. Daughter had excellent cheer competition. Came in first & last place, only ones in the division. And just happy to be here.

  • Paul - happy about last night’s game. Two dollars for last week’s duck season. Dog made a few spectacular retrievals. Will be busy the next two months.

  • Cindy - happy about newlyweds. Daughter-in-law flipped bike over, unconscious, broken helmet, but survived! Another daughter, happy to be here.

  • John - Golden bears played really well. St. Mary’s college played a basketball game last night, didn’t tell season ticket holders until 4 days ago. Didn’t send tickets, don’t know how they did. ESPN has no report on it. Wishes he would have seen it. His seats cost a little more than $6.

  • Doug - happy about son being cast in shows. Key Club rally last weekend, Discovery Kingdom. Raised $43,000 + around $15,000 more for pediatric trauma. Likely that they’ll exceed their goal!

  • Liz - happy to be here. Chaotic morning, traffic really bad. Happy that she found a permanent home for exchange student in Mountain House. Moving to Oroville, sad she won’t be his coordinator yet. Happy about Shane going on retreat with a bunch of guys from church. Sharing a room with his best friend, firefighter. The girls & kids will bond over the weekend together while the guys are out.

  • Stuart - sad that Ashley is in Austin, left dog Rocket. “We’ll let that go.” Daughter had thyroid surgery awhile back, for awhile, testing not looking good. Recent panel says that everything looks perfectly healthy and that daughter is in great shape.

  • Kent - happy about World Series. Mixed dollar on the Warriors. Crazy game. Happy that he gets to see son, leaving tomorrow, back on Monday. Sad dollar - traffic, 3 of the last 4 times come to meeting traffic has been bad. Express lane to blame?

  • Liz - happy that Dodgers made the World Series.

  • Kim - 3 happy dollars. Just got back from a fun conference in Las Vegas. Awesome, had a great time. Sunday is Morgan’s birthday & haunted house party. Friends from East Coast visiting from Napa.

  • Patti - Happy about her birthday. Went to buy a car, took daughter who used to sell cars. Knew the tricks. Continuing saga w/ grandchildren. Babysitting

  • Dick - happy that he made it here today. Last night, went to bed at the bottom of the 8th, missed the end of the game.

  • Anselmo - happy to be here. Really busy, real estate has picked up. Sherri decided to go back to school, get her real estate license.

  • Nick - after three months, ears went up. French bulldog. Happy about first basketball game, won 22-7. Youngest son’s birthday - made two half pipes, set up in driveway. Great game yesterday. Confirmed hosting 60 people for Christmas, somehow happy about that.


  • Mystery host was Harry. Fined Patti, but she’s fine free. Fined Liz. “I said hi.”

  • Fine free was Patti. Chooses Gary, because Gary asked her to fine him. Gary is proud of it. Dave says it’s a conspiracy.

  • Fine-free next week - Doug.

  • $40 - to John. Second week in a row. Dave calls it a conspiracy again.

Tory Taylor