Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

October 19, 2017

Piet needs volunteers for food drive - November 18. Need photo release for kids - for print in newspaper

White Pony Express - October 29th. 2-3:30 (?). Need 2-4 volunteers. Dick, Liz + kids volunteered, Dave is backup.

Gianni’s - Monday, November 6th. Kids allowed. Need to make reservations ASAP!

Happy/Sad Dollars

Lineweaver - happy that California Bears won

Dick - sad about inoperable pulled tendon, flu shots, wife had a bad reaction. “Big yuck!”

Nick - sad for the people in Napa

Patti - happy for grandson, 2, “me go with you?” Going to resort. Thanks to Liz for help w/ dog adoption. Went to dance this weekend, Aktion Club convention, made 400 candy bags for people in Napa.

Kent - happy that he’s going to Oregon next weekend for son’s birthday next Saturday. Going to Napa this Saturday, wine tasting.

Paul - sad that wife is visiting group of friends in Connecticut for a week, “leaving me to fend for myself.” Has to cook his own food, do his own laundry. But happy that duck season is starting Saturday.

Liz - sad about Napa, a lot of first responders lost their homes. Kiwanis group to go wine tasting in Napa? Shane going to help w/ looters in the area. Daughter turning 9, 36+ kids coming to house, still getting RSVP’s! Exchange student having fun, doing great.

Nick - happy that he took granddaughter to get ice cream for the first time.

Piet - happy to see everyone at the meeting. Going to LA, got doctor’s permission as long as he keeps moving. Boy Scouts - grandson sold more than $1050 popcorn. Piet doesn’t eat popcorn, lousy quality, but happy to donate to the military.

Dave - happy that he took 13 year old grandson to Warriors game. $100 wasn’t enough - had to borrow money from grandson! Delivered daughter & grandson to airport, 4:30am this morning.

Guest speaker: Eric Golub

Mystery host - Kent. Fined Stuart, Dick

Dave fined John $2 for snide comment

Fine-free next week - Patti

$25 - John

Tory Taylor