Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

December 22, 2016

GUEST:  Rob Nuddleman, new member to be



A new Scribe, Nick" the younger" Vrankovich, will be sending out the newsletter as of January,2017 replacing the ever illiterate, Henrythek.

DECEMBER 22, TONIGHT:  SRV KIWANIS KID'S PARTY @ Mountain Mike's Pizza, Danville.  Santa will be there

Fund Raising Chair, Dick Frankel, re-emphasized the importance of fund raising for the Parade and Grant recepients

FEBRUARY 4,SATURDAY:  all day. KIWANIS DISTRICT MID-WINTER CONFERENCE, hosted by your club.   Please sign up .  We need your help. Event will be at the San Ramon Marriot. 

FEBRUARY 9, THURSDAY:  SWEETHEART LUNCHEON.  @ Black Bear Diner.  Invite your signifiant other.

FEBRUARY 17, FRIDAY:  KIWANIS CRAB FEED@ the Grange Hall, Danville.  We are in need of raffle prizes.  Contact Nick Vrankovich

Someone left a pyrex dish at John Lineweaver's house during the Kiwanis Holiday Party.  Contact John to reclaim your dish

Doug Gin has set up an donation account with Amazon Smiles,   .5% of your purchase will be donated to our Foundation


Piet Brouwer:  visited the ophthalmologist and can see again.  Opened his first Xmas present.  Went to SF for a night of symphony and plenty of XXX

David Stegman:  Misses Dick Waldo,who dearly loved Kiwanis

Smokey:  happy for John's hosting the Kiwanis Holiday Party.  Delivered Xmas gifts to the Crisis Nursery Center

Nick Gant:  Upset about the driving test.  Son, Jonathan arrived 5 hours last.  Niece gets job with the London Times

Stuart Steele:  Remembrance of Dick Waldo. Kiwanis Holiday party.  Got a new rescue dog.  That makes 4 dogs

Doug Gin: Hale to Dick Waldo,  Happy for the Kiwanis party.  De La Salle HS football lost last game.  Happy for a good year

Patti Barsotti:  Happy for the holiday party and Dick Waldo.  Grand kids will be missing the Kid's Xmas Party due to illness

Kent Screechfield:  Son and daughter here of the Holidays.  Off til the New Year

Dick Frankel:  Sad for Dick Waldo. Son , Jonathan and other son visiting.. .,Expecting an announcement soon

John Lineweaver:  hoping for a new administrative secretary.  Mechanics Bank in Berkeley.  Cal and St. Mary's basketball.  33 people at his holiday party. Says that Franklin Kistner is recovering

Nick Vrankovich:  Saw Circus de Soliel.  Going to SF for the holidays.  Sad for Dick Waldo

Henrythek:   for the new Scribe, Nick Vrankovich

Kim Thomas:  For Dick Waldo.  Co-worker and family member passing away.  The Aktion club Holiday Party

PROGRAM:  a hog-pog of Holiday stories from fellow Kiwanians

MYSTERY HOST:  Nick Gant who shook everybody's hand

FINE FREE LAST WEEK:  Ron Nuddleman who fined himself

FINE FREE IN TWO WEEKS( JAN.5):  John Lineweaver

50-50 DRAW:  $35 to Kim Thomas

Tory Taylor