Kiwanis Club of San Ramon Valley

Internal Newsletters

December 15, 2016

GUEST:  Rob ?  prospective new member


Meeting presided by pretend president, Kent Screechfield .  Not present was Kim Thomas,president, Nick Vrankovich, VP, Liz Nelson,VP, nor John Lineweaver, Secretary-treasurer


DECEMBER 16, FRIDAY:  SRV KIWANIS ADULT HOLIDAY PARTY.   Respond to the Evite if you are planning to attend

AKTION CLUB, yesterday, had a Holiday party


Smokey:  happy that he is not going to Portland for Xmas

Ron Kosich:  Dec. 15- first anniversary of being retired.  Will be the chief chef in the kitchen

Paul Byer:  Aktion club's holiday party

Dick Frankel:  Attending two operas- Madame Butterfly and ? Son's girlfriend passes the bar exam.  Will be visiting soon and expecting a big announcement

Rob ?  :  happy to becoming a new member.  his boy scout troops Xmas tree lot...

Nick Gant:  Family friend in Australia, died.

Piet Brouwer:  3 daughters=three lawyers.  Fell and messed up his shoulder

Gary Beeler:  Will miss the Kiwanis party in favor of the St. Mary's basketball game with girls attending.  He will be meeting son's girlfriend

;Troy :  is expecting

Kent Screechfield:  daughter return home from college.  Boss passes away

PROGRAM:  FUND RAISING, presented by Dick Frankel

MYSTERY HOST:  Gary Beeler, who stupidly shook everybody's hand

FINE FREE LAST WEEK:  Subbing in was Troy Taylor who fined Gary Beeler and Dick Frankel


50-50 Draw :  who$20 , Henrythek

Tory Taylor